Diggin Dirt began planting its roots back in 2011 in the town of Arcata, CA in Humboldt County. The original lineup was a peanut butter and jammed out quintet that consisted of a double guitar rhythm section like no other, and a tenor saxophone...like no other. The original five (Rory Urquhart, Joey Incorvaia, Drew Weitzel, John Callahan and Aaron Gottesman) had high hopes of getting house party gigs and maybe even performing on a stage one day. Little did they know. Many, many dreams later, the quintet became seven. As the band moved forward, taking pieces from each chapter, they all the while stayed anchored to the heavy groove that Diggin Dirt has become known for.

Dirt found its current form when it added soul man Zach Alder, a Humboldt local. His commanding vocal element was a natural addition to the mix. The horn section rounded out its sound with the addition of Humboldt musician Tyler Martin on baritone saxophone. The newly conglomerated 7-piece band had instant chemistry, and released their Full Season LP shortly thereafter. The debut album, comprised of 11 tracks, showcases musical influences ranging from afrobeat to reggae and rock, tainted in just the right way with that signature Diggin Dirt heart.


The band began touring outside of Humboldt County in the spring of 2017 throughout California and Oregon, and was met with a tremendous response. A reputation of quality original music backed by high energy performance grew around their name, and all involved were inspired to keep growing. Next up in 2018 came the release of the Bedrock EP, recorded at Bongo Boy Studios in their home town. With more musical maturity and a new depth of identity, the album was a true sign of more to come.

And come it did. Expanding their reach in 2018 and 2019 across the entirety of the Western United States, Diggin Dirt dove deep into the grind. Playing from San Diego to Bozeman and out to Denver, the band spread its reach far and wide and found great success. In an unprecedented move, their second place finish in the High Sierra Music Festival band contest landed them an opening gig at the festival in 2018. Something must have worked, because they returned for the 2019 iteration for several primo sets, including a late night opening spot for legendary modern NOLA funk band Galactic. 

After their blowout year in 2018, the band returned to the studio, this time at Killion Sound in Hollywood with Orgone guitarist Sergio Rios to lay down their third album, Funkacillus Groovidophilus. A true unique strain of funky goodness. Continuing into 2021 and beyond, the band has released three singles and continues to write, record, and tour. 

The band is, of course, influenced by funk heavy hitters such as James Brown, Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, WAR, and Sly and the Family Stone as well as reggae bands like Steel Pulse and modern funk like Orgone, New Mastersounds, and Lettuce. Dirt has appeared at festivals around the nation including High Sierra Music Festival, Hangtown Halloween, Whale Rock Music Festival, Salmonfest, Emerald Forest, the Trinity River Jamboree, Northern Nights, the Benbow Summer Arts and Music Festival, and many, many others.


More inspired than ever, Diggin Dirt is on the road and ready to bring the music to the people. With tour dates near you, and fresh material coming out every month, the group shows no signs of slowing down as they expand their reach. Dust the Dirt off those dancing shoes because we’re looking at you tonight! Keep checking in on this funky force, and make sure to come out and groove when you find them in your neck of the woods. We'd love to see you.

“Dusty Roads, gonna take me there…I aint traveling far. Packing my suitcase…tie my knapsack tight and I took off down the road. Telling all my friends not to miss me none, down in the valley below…and I know, I’m gonna find it…it’s just a matter of time”

 - Diggin Dirt